About us

Sankalp World Championships

Sankalp Smart School is a brand of Veloces Consulting Services Private Limited.

Sankalp Smart School offers a variety of solutions to Schools as a service.

It is a specialized consulting company providing strategy, planning, technology training and implementations.

It enables schools to utilize their time & effort on key resource areas of core educational training.

It partners with educators to improve student’s outcomes, increases the desire to learn,and ensure students have the skills they need.

It empowers education with powerful devices,tools and apps for learning, and training for students and teachers.

It currently offers 50+ Super Specialized Services to School ( IGSE,CBSE,ICSE and State Boards ) in areas with amalgation of service providers catering to areas like IT Education,Music and Dance,Sports Adventure Activities,Employee Engagement and Retention activities,Recruitment and Training Solutions of Teachers for Schools,etc.