The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship is a global competition that tests students’ design skills using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Sankalp World Championships is the India Leg of the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship.The winners from this championships continue to the World Championship.

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship attracts:

  • -   More than 60,000 competitors
  • -   From over 90+ Countries World Wide.

Levels of the Competition:

  • -   School/College Level
  • -   Regional Level
  • -   Zonal Level
  • -   National Level-Top 150 selected students
  •     -  They are given a theme to design and submit.
  •     -  Experts from the Industry evaluate and judge.
  •     -  The best candidate go to the next level.
  • -   World Championship-Toppers at National level


  • -   Adobe Certification and Credential as an Associate once you clear the exam
  • -   School/college/institute topper will get medal and Co-branded Certificate of Merit
  • -   Regional Level Topper will get a Certificate of Achievement
  • -   Zonal Level Topper will get a Certificate of Achievement
  • -   National Toppers will get an all-expense paid trip* to represent India in the World Championship
  • -   And 2nd and 3rd prize winners will get an Runners-Up Trophies
  • -   The final winners of competition at world Championship in U.S.A would be awarded World Champion Medals along with Educational Sponsorship.**


  • -   Adobe Certified Associate Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop
  • -   Adobe Certified Associate in Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign
  • -   Adobe Certified Associate in Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator