Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges

Sankalp Smart School invites all managements of K 12 Schools and undergraduate Colleges in the country to register as a participant educational establishment and give your pupils an opportunity to participate in one of the best World Championship in IT field which is currently launched throughout India.

School Benefits

  • All Certificates issued to the participants of the competition from your educational institution would be cobranded with the school logo.*
  • Your school/college/institute name would be listed on the website of as a participant educational institution during the competition period.
  • Your students would e-learning content to help prepare for the competition worth Rs.750/- absolutely FREE.
  • Your educational institute stand a chance to be selected as a competition venue for the exam execution*.
  • Since the educational establishment is an official participant in the competition, if your student gets selected to go beyond the regional round to National and World Championship round, the school name would get automatically associated with the performance of the candidate.
  • * - Minimum of 30 Students participating in this competition from your school would have this option.
  • How to participate?

    Just fill in the registration form below and submit to the Sankalp World Championship Team.

    Our representative would get in touch with you shortly in order to take you through the remaining process and complete the next steps quickly.

    Once the registration of the institute is confirmed each institute would be assigned an unique code, which can be shared with your students so that they receive the special registration price and other benefits.

    We are very much looking forward to your registration and the contributions of your pupils.

    * - Students in the age group of 13 Years to 22 Years in the institute